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About ERF

The EPI Research Fund was created to help raise funds for research into the genetics of EPI and to develop a test to identify carriers. Read our Mission Statement. Our volunteers built this site and engage in various fund-raising activities. Help us today!

ERF fills a crucial gap for Clemson University in that we provide a vehicle for interested parties to use credit cards (through PayPal) to contribute to this important research, as Clemson can only accept checks.

The following renowned experts on EPI research will be the principals at Clemson directly benefiting from our efforts:

  • Keith Murphy, Professor of Genetics, Pathobiology & Biotechnology
    Dept of Pathobiology
  • Leigh Ann Clark, PhD in EPI
    Research Ass't Professor, Dept of Pathobiology
  • in special collaboration with:
    David A. Williams MA VetMB PhD
    Diplomate ACVIM, ECVIM-CA
    Developer of the TLI test

Their years of EPI-related research and access to the latest technologies make them uniquely qualified to undertake this momentous task. Read more about our researchers