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EPI Research Fund: Stories of EPI Dogs

Many EPI dogs go a long time without proper diagnosis and often end up in shelters. Their stories are often heart-breaking, but we see many good endings, too. Here are some of them. WARNING: some graphic images and descriptions!

Wayde, when he was rescued, shows the typical EPI emaciation

Wayde: His story illustrates the effect long-term malnutrition can have on the immune system. His EPI was brought under control, but.... Read Wayde's full story, posted at German Shepherd Rescue of New England.

Buddy Lee, a chihuahua with EPI

Buddy Lee: EPI is not just a "big dog" condition; it can show up in any breed, as his story shows. Read about Buddy Lee

Hope, a boxer with EPI

Hope: This ten-yr-old boxer weighed only 19 lbs at her worst! Read about Hope

Lula Lula: Even mixed breed dogs aren't immune; fortunately, her vet was aware of EPI, and she was diagnosed relatively quickly. Read about Lula

Nichole Nichole: Nichole not only has EPI, but also mega-esophagus, a condition that makes it hard for her to swallow and eat normally. Read about Nichole