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My EPI girl's name is Nichole. She is a solid black German Shepherd. She was born with a bad case of mega esophagus. That is when the esophagus has a pocket in it and the food gets stuck there and will not go down into the stomach. Well, we fed her small amounts and held her up for fifteen minutes so that the food would go down. She somehow outgrew that. Then at three years of age she was eating a lot but always hungry and losing weight rapidly.

Well, being a German Shepherd breeder I knew exactly what it was. She had the test and she had lost ten pounds. I got her on the Viocase V immediately even before the test results came back. She also had Irritable Bowl Syndrome which a lot of times is present with a dog that has E.P.I. After a month she had gained all her weight back, and I am happy to say that she is seven and a half now and doing great. I have since switched her to the Biocase V which is the generic for Viocase V and it is working great for her. She also takes 250mg. of metronidazole twice a day for her I.B.S. She is a fat happy girl (seventy five pounds) who is also a certified Therapy Dog, wonderful with everyone, and I hope to have her for many more years.

Amy Greenhut
Justrock German Shepherds
Gen Oak Leopard Tortoises, Tortoise Rescue